ngry break his legs for three days and three nights he can not.

  Lu Dewen also do their own live, where there is time to find him, put away the 深圳桑拿网baskets along the road, and ran to the crops.
  Xue flower back, you see a small road stood two baskets, pole vertically inserted next to the ground, she did not say anything, did not shout Luming Wen, let yourself play alongside West, seriously cut ragweed.
  By noon, she cut a basket ragweed, no two baskets full, Lude Wen Xue got work to pick flower, talking about Luming Wen and uncontrollable leg to help female educated youth busy thing, Lu Dewen asked Xue Huahua, “two brother have food to eat it?”
  ”No.”Xue Flower emphatic,” no work no livelihood.”
  Lu Dewen heart relieved, at least, equal justice of the flower Xue.
  Xue began to flower at home for cooking, let Lu Dewen the children wash diapers morning, after the mountain there is of little streams, the villagers dug a pond, a pile of stones, to facilitate the villagers washing clo广州桑拿网thes, holding Lu Dewen pots go out, we see carrying leg, bulky walking home Luming Wen.
  ”Plaintext, not your mom midday meal.”Lu Dewen told him.
  Luming Wen frowned, he helped pull Liang Lanfen a morning grass, leg blood circulation, pain endless moment, the sight of their own brother, Luming Wen like to see the savior, “Brother, help me fast I seemed to hurt a leg.”
  Lu Dewen to see him, hurriedly put down the basin, carrying him back, shouting out to see the kitchens of Xue Flower.
  Xue flower stuck half of the body through the door, his face no emotion, “Who is responsible for helping who did live, I can not feed themselves, unable to manage others.”Then go to the stove before sitting down, and do not look outside.
  Lu Dewen panic, “expressly ah, look at you our mother to the gas, she matter to you, you wait for it to starve to death.”
  Morning, Lu Tong told him to cut ragweed things, the village many villagers want to cut ragweed, relaxed, but also earn work points, either think of the situ