ts are not allowed to eat.

  In fact, I can not blame her, after the master and familiar, she will slowly release the nature – once they become benevolence, in addition to the efforts of practice, are very curious about all kinds of other things.
  Later occasionally met a brother and sister, that sister likes to play around with sleep ginger, ginger can sleep do not like her, and late都市夜网r learned that his sister adore master – she was at that time still do not understand what admiration.
  Sister to let her go to a place to lie to master, the master said to give a surprise, she did not hesitate to agree to the.
  She followed her sister, then hide away, went to see lantern, then fell aslee都市夜网p in the river.Woke up to see the face of murderous Master, then Master Lin Hui place to live.
  She had never seen the Master so big air, the atmosphere could not breathe scared about three days honestly had nothing to eat.Three days later, they parted ways and that brother and sister, and later, where there are women and their monks to go the same way, shall be rejected Master.
  At that time she did not know, now think about it, the point is the master angry because she was good at making proposition, where he went to lie should not go, so –
  Jiang Mian glanced painting, even if it knows the master sweetheart, do not know who in the end was before, she can not just recklessly, or is likely provoked angry master, then ran into the mouth of a Mistress.
  Thought of this, Jiang Mian took the picture carefully put back.
  The next few 都市夜网days, Jiang Mian and from school and the hospital’s cold, two-day weekend is always stay Fearless father to stay in hospital, local tyrants and Dad just take the time to come over Saturday night, ate together Jiang Mian personally borrowed the hospital kitchen do rice.
  By the way, Jiang Mian take advantage of these two days time, and the monk fight online, has won back the remuneration thirty thousand to Fearless Dad, this is but the big wedding.
  Jiang Mia