orant forced to wake up when I saw across the aunt with a smile watching them, always thick skinned walls are a bit embarrassed.

  Turned around and apologized to Wang Yue, Wang Yue eyes off the books above, tone lightly, “sleeping on the shoulder discomfort, I’ll let you sleep a leg.”
  Well, this is Wang Yue.
  Two people got off the plane, an airport to see the king’s brother, with a few people came to pick people together, because wearing a white lab coat laboratory forgot to take off, a bit conspicuous in the crowd.
  Wang Yue’s brother tempest words, and he is a researcher with the side, anyway, it was a holiday广州桑拿, I came to pick him up with brother.
  We all know that the word genius brother the king, that the kin苏州夜网g has got the invitation to hand more than a dozen foreign universities, but the royal tutor just do not go the route of elite education, so the king and peers he had been living and studying together.
  Although Wang Yue just adults, but he was almost a year before the summer vacation will come to the lab, or Professor Qian hand-picked lieutenants, many qualified seasoned researchers can not enjoy winning, so many researchers are aware of Wang Yue.
  Many people envy Wang Yue at heart, but what can I do?Some people are gifted, and not a world of ordinary people, is to give them this opportunity, and no one can do better than Wang Yue.
  Inside there are several members of these experiments have not seen the king, the king of the deeds of the many academics are very curious about Wang Yue, mouth and looked craned their necks to the airp北京风月网ort, but a look at the past, all eyes are on the side of the girl Wang Yue attracted to.
  A rusty red cap coat, carrying a fine small box, circle around rabbit scarf, curly hair, delicate little face slightly re