, hit the sofa below, fell to the ground, causing a riot.

  Juvenile eye, full of scarlet.
  He hands leaning on the railing, tightly force.
  Iron railing, actually faint deformation.
  Visible in the end how mighty he can single hand pudgy man picked up.
  Opposite the second floor, it is a huge glass.
  Lu cross see t杭州桑拿heir hideous face, extreme horror.
  ”Lu cross.”
  The little girl from behind.
  ”do not come.”Youth bow, efforts to curb the oppressive living heart.
  He would hurt her.
  One hand, he hooked his hem.
  Gently pulling.
  Not far from the glass through the land to see the cross behind the girl with a small head low, standing away from his close.He cou杭州桑拿ld smell her fragrant taste.
  Lu tough side cross eye, see a very funny scene.
  This little thing actually put the cuffs with her own hem sewn together.
  ”Su rain, you want a good?It gives you a chance.”
  Young voice down low, reveals a familiar taste.
  Su Wei Chan apex rain, then nod.
  After the completion of the first point cross found himself standing behind the land, he could not see, and again with a small voice, soft snort.
  ”Ah.”Young hand, suddenly hugged her tightly in his arms Le.
  Later, even if you regret it, I would never let go.
  Swift moving him closer.
  And he has extended his sharp claws.

Chapter 46
  Bar mess, stocky man was carried away unconscious stretcher.
  After all onlookers, discordant music rang again.
  These big heart jump jumping tap Dida continued.
  Lu cross hanging eye, st苏州夜网aring at the rain, standing on their side of the Soviet Union.
  He walked one step.
  The little girl followed step forward.
  His hem with her sleeve tightly together, two people have also posted very close distance.He could smell her savory taste, like Jin Zhao sweet-scented osmanthus honey, sweet cloying.
  ”FML, Lu brother, found a small cotton?”Li Dapeng Da Lielie over.
  Lu cross-volt one hand on the railing, to be heard gently, tone lazy.
  Teenage momentum too full, even if only a simple action, are put o