or five days time to dry out the wheat put into the storage room, brought bac北京夜网k a message when you pay public grain to commune with people, workers, peasants and students of the quota, Feng Valley Township has five production team accounted for 3, commune cadres not mean to hit Feng Valley Township commune reputation, Union village production team led by Lu Jianguo, and achieved goo苏州夜网d results in all aspects of their obvious to all, and therefore to the three places.

  Luomeng Ying Lu Jianguo want is to send back to the city, his mind only Luomeng Ying’s name, where others thought, suddenly out of two, half past one he could not think, want to be absurd touches, Li Xuemei ingredient is not good, commune cadres will probably not approve, he did not directly mention.
  Commune cadres let him think about it slowly, within five days to hand in a letter of recommendation family to stay.
  The news, in the production team raged, educated youth room of people who want to return to the city supply food to eat ah, I thought this year is no hope, suddenly had ended, they may not find ways to find them places to Lu Jianguo?
  Lu Jianguo educated youth who become the eyes of the meat and potatoes, where there where Lu Jianguo edu南宁桑拿论坛cated youth who have flattering voice, by this time, the villagers considered the educated youth who find their common ground and that is almost flattering way, from hair to his shoes, items can praise praise all times, at most, the sentences are different.
  The villagers love ass beat Lu Jianguo said: “Oh, captain of it, you go to commune hair is cut it, cut it look better than watching yourself, are you looking cut?Next time I let my home go cut a hole.”
  The educated youth who is, “Captain, do you hear of a good thing, the whole body exudes kinds Manner, renowned especially appealing if you’re wandering circle in the ground, the big guys will not work overnight tired, captain, you are not a haircut?”
  Next to the villagers heard this endless contempt, not