said, you dance rehearsal at school?”In fact, he did not just listen carefully Fangqing say things about Don crisp, and it is only just to hear such twelve.

  Tang crisp guessed mother Fangqing intention and ideas, she is now facing He Yuning very embarrassing, “ah.”
  If you know her home was blind date, she certainly would not be excuses.
  He Yuning watching sight of Don crisp feelShe looks really beautiful.
  White porcelain bowl holding hands, even whiter than the color on the bowl a bit, looking like a jade carving.Sound dough, clear Smart hear.And that 深圳桑拿网graceful posture waist, probably because dancing is particularly soft.Location not far from the two, he can smell the faint fragrance of aromatic Don crisp body.
  Eyes inadvertently down a little, He Yuning not care to see the girl thin soft white legs, delicate, the specification merge side aside.
  Face is a hot, accelerated heart beat again.
  He felt out of vicious rumors Don Crisp arrogant, bad character who really sinister intentions, if he had not promised today to Tang Xu Xiuzhen mother for dinner, would not want to miss this wonderful crisp Tang?
  ”You do want to participate in the dance competition?”He Yuning trying to find topics.
  ”No, athletic meets next month, requires the opening dance.”Don crisp clip a piece of fish, this should be Xihucuyu.
  Pouring a layer of the above fish bright glowing red-brown sweet and 北京夜生活网sour, but also with ginger garlic.US Fish tender, soft entrance no bone spurs, but also with crab flavor, is simply fresh, sweet and sour, very appetizing eating.
  Don Crisp gusto to eat a large piece of fish.
  ”Miss Tang you still reading it, now what grade of?”He Yuning very warm.
  ”This year sophomore.”
  It Ningyu gentle smile, Shining eyes looked at Don Crisp “I just graduated back in a foreign country, if the course, Miss Tang what do not understand, you can always come and ask me.”
  ”Thank you ah.”Don Crisp shallow smile, she looked down to continue to concentrate on eating food.
  The vil