ays of total blunder, really ought to show a wave of goodwill brush, just staring at the struggling next.

  Gu tired toss the book is broken, the moment was fast asleep, Zhou Zhou next season could not nap, a careless sleep, such as when she woke up from the dream, suddenly saw the needle Gu tired南宁夜网 of some books back to the blood, shocked and hurried past under the needle injection to help him.
  Gu movement awakened the tired book, she looked up and met his calm eyes.
  ”You went to sleep, I let the doctor help you dressing.”Zhou Zhou Ji calm by the call bell.
  Gu tired eyes moved his book, close your eyes again, Ji Zhou Zhou took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and before he heard Gu tired book calm voice: “If I wake up in time, you are not We are going to kill me go back to the way blood?”
  ”.You want more Ku.”I never thought he was found, Ji Zhou Zhou fake smile,” Besides, I hurt you what good is it?”
  ”Who knows, perhaps to 1.5 million grandmother.”
  ”.I take you back to the blood killed, she would give me 1.5 million?”
  Gu tired want to book a reasonable, croon soon rub rub pillow to sleep, Zhou Zhou Ji finally relie北京夜网ved, waiting for the doctor to come back to help him after an acupuncture treatment, simply let the doctor then told people to stare, I went to the side of the I went to sleep on the sofa.
  Anyway, this wave of goodwill since the return of blood Full smashed, she would not embarrass himself.
  This perception sleep is not practical, but because very tired, uncomfortable sofa also ignored the most, such as when Zhou Zhou Ji woke up again, misty sky is already dark, empty bed next to lying on top of the who disappeared.
  She sat up and slow reaction after a while went outwards.
  Zhaizi inside the hall, Gu Jiazu Sun relative to sit on the coffee table in the middle of white smoke curl tea, blocking the line of sight of the old lady, so she had some not see each other’s face.
  ”Give me drugging people, grandmother found yet?”Gu tire深圳桑拿网d light sip book Duanqichab