ht pierce welcome, come within the four seas glorious.

  When the truth golden light covered the sky, whenever someone looked up and could see the scene was dusty annals years.
  - inside the temple, the main industry is about to take over the position upon a time ho, was ambushed injuries they trust Young, when the two fierce fighting, that time is yet to come with the companion of the Emperor of Heaven are all seeking even Yao Hao outside the temple, witnessed this scene, but she did not do anything, I watched Hao is inflicted death.
  Then again things happen is not Ho’s memory, but those who are familiar with the Emperor two days of fairy stories, all subsequent brain mending th苏州夜网ings.
  Even Yao Xu Ling quickly accepted the confession, the two men became companion, a formation of heaven, which is a very famous Once upon a time in Shenxianjuanlv.
  So this is the so-called Shenxianjuanlv ah.
  Calculating how many there are, how many days after learning that the Emperor will reach the height of their plan, the remaining number is called Wife.
  Days is sitting on top of heaven waiting for Heaven to come back when she glimpse that the virtual image projected in the sky, the feeling everything is over.
  Dusty truth for so long, how will be dug out.
  That Ling Xu of it, now where Xu Ling?
  Quickly got up days, you want to greet seen the rush, the horizon and there are a bunch of golden light appeared again, followed by a reel continued to enlarge, empty and welcome development, it is the God Fazhi.
  ”Once upon a time Lord Ling Xu, two thousand years ago in the same door mutilation, according to their calendar laid down by杭州桑拿 the law of heaven, when by nine days Ray robbery, wins cents bone.”
  With the voices of God on God Fazhi summon universal history and a glorious, i